Move Closer

Christmas is a time where we move closer together, relax in the company of our closest family and enjoy what is normally considered chores. But at Christmas, Baking cookies, making decorations and preparations for this important time of year, never gets old. Its a time for love. Its a time for “hygge”.






Our HaveHeart pledge is not a Christmas campaign. Its an all year call to move closer together and find this magical feeling of “hygge” all year round. Christmas is a special time, and the Christmas spirit and hygge, comes as a collective result of our efforts to help eachother and take some extra time to reflect and spend with People we love, our kids and even strangers.

We would like you to join us in our quest to Practise Christmas spirit, love and hygge as an important part of life!







Cherish the ones you hold dear, seek warmth in the arms of Those you love and lend a helping hand to those Less fortunate. HaveHeart and make it important practise in your life.