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Buster & Teddi


Buster & Teddi – New for 2017

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New for 2017

Buster – is a charming and energetic little Elf, with a vivid imagination. However when he gets sleepy, he likes to cuddle up to his caring friend Teddi, where he feels safe and warm. 



Teddi – Etly Klarborg startet designing Teddi more than 20 years ago, but Teddi was not completed. Etly had set him aside wrapped in wet newspapers to prevent him from drying out, so that she could finish him later. Years went by and Etly forgot about Teddi in all these years, until the summer of 2016 when she found her lovely Teddi in an old box. Teddi was a little worse for wear after sitting in a box for all these years. His ear was a little bent but Etly still thought he looked adorable and decided to keep him just the way he was. Etly brought Teddi with her to her workshop and made sure to finish him this time around, so that he could experience the world with his new friend Buster. They are a quirky pair. Buster sleeps comfortably in Teddis soft fur, whilst Teddi enjoys life.

Designed in Scandinavia


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