A Christmas Story

Christmas is always a special time for Santa Clause’s Elves. His Elves work very hard to build toys, presents, and personal gifts for young boys and girls who believe in the magic of Santa. But more importantly, the magic of Christmas. While his North Pole Elves continues creating presents for all the children across the world, Santa Clause had a surprise visit from the House Elves that lived all the way in Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian Elves and North Pole Elves are quite similar, except for one big difference. This one difference is what makes them extra special around Christmas time. The Scandinavian Elves, like their relatives, spent some time in Santa’s workshops, they’re quite cute, funny, and sweet, and they absolutely adore Christmas. In fact, they love Christmas so much that it’s all they can think about year-round.

A long time ago, there was only one group of Elves. They all worked together in Santa Clause’ workshops in the North Pole, and they all loved Christmas the same amount. But every year, a group of Elves found it harder and harder to focus on making toys all day long. They would work for a short time before getting distracted by all the fun that was to be had.

But after a few Christmas’s passed, the group of Elves forgot to work and ended up playing games, baking, licking stripes of candy canes, and running happily around the workshop! They giggled and chuckled, bounced around, and played with all the toys that were meant for the children. But they meant no harm by what they did. They simply loved Christmas so much they couldn’t sit there working all day without enjoying the magic of it!

The hard-working Elves didn’t mind their shenanigans one bit. Instead, they took some time to enjoy their newly baked cookies and their joyful mood. But there was one teensy problem. With so many Elves celebrating the magic of Christmas in the North Pole, the production line stopped time and time again! Toys weren’t being created for the children, and it soon became a big problem.

Santa Clause enjoyed how excited his Elves had become for the special holiday because they made sure that the Christmas spirit was always high. But as more and more children began believing in Santa and the North Pole, it grew quite difficult to keep up with it all. He also had a hard time keeping track of which children belonged on the naughty or nice list.


He was thrilled that so many children believed in Christmas magic, but he needed to find a new way to keep up. That was when he came up with a brilliant solution to the happy problem. You see, the Elves who loved Christmas with all their hearts and had the constant urge to please and spread joy amongst others were all members of an old Scandinavian Elf family line. Many were still living as House Elves all across Scandinavia, much to their delight.

Santa secretly peeked in on the House Elves who lived with human families, and he loved what he saw. They did everything that his wonderful Scandinavian Elves were doing at his workshop in the North Pole. They were great at relaxing, enjoying sweets, and secretly helping their human families with pesky house chores. They also couldn’t resist playing a prank or two, which seemed to bring smiles to their families.

What’s even more special is that the House Elves were quite curious, and knew everything there was to know about their human families. They took great care and always looked after the children.

They were always up to something loving. Every night in December, the House Elves snuck downstairs and placed a little piece of candy in the pocket of the children’s winter clothes. It brought big smiles to the children who found the candy the next morning. If Mummy and Daddy accidentally forgot something important, like sugar for baking sweets, the Elves snuck through the snow to fetch a few spoons of sugar before dawn. The parents never knew it was the House Elves, but they were always grateful for the surprise sugar.

Loving Christmas and their human families were simply part of their nature. They couldn’t help but spread love and joy whenever they could. And that was exactly what Santa needed. He needed more Elves to do what they do best. They were House Elves, and that was what they should be.

And so, the Scandinavian Elves hugged Santa Clause farewell and moved into houses across North America to bring Christmas spirit and Scandinavian hygge into the homes of thousands of families.

You probably heard of them, in fact, you may have even seen them if you were lucky. If you have ever heard a squeaky sound or see the curtain move, you have nothing to be spooked about. It’s most likely your cute, little House Elf puzzling around with what they’re up to. They like to stay hidden, so you may not realize you ran out of sugar, or you may think your mother placed the sweet in your pocket. But that is, as it should be. As long as you feel the Christmas spirit, you can be sure your House Elf is filled with joy.

If you’re feeling extra Christmas spirit, you can try to figure out what type of House Elf you have. The Elfine, a female elf, is quite secretive and keeps hidden and out of trouble. The Elfan, a male Elf, often gets into trouble. They have a sweet tooth and quite a big appetite. So, if one day you find your bowl of sweets a bit light or the topping is missing on your newly baked cupcakes, your Elfan most likely walked by with a hungry tummy and is now trying to explain to his wife why he has brownie chocolate fudge on his cheek. Can you tell if you have an Elfine or Elfan living cozily with you?

Author, Martin Klarborg